Accountability & Problem-Solving

' Motivation: Recognition & Feedback' is the fifth workshop in our Leadership Development Program. This workshop is designed for: Internally newly-appointed managers, i.e. promoted from being a team-mate to ‘managing your team-mates’; Managers who have limited, or no, previous leadership training; Identified future managers; and Those who require a structured program to achieve permanent, positive change. Groups are restricted to 10 participants and link theory to your workplace. Participants will apply theory and knowledge gained through the program and convert to real-life action plans - measurable and achievable - to be actioned in your workplace. The workshop consists of: Goals & barriers; Strengths & weaknesses of problem solving as a team; Remaining objective in the face of difficult decisions; Accepting responsibility for your own and your team’s performance; Identifying conscious and unconscious accountable behaviours; Determining how accountability drives empowerment

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