Accountabilities and Expectations - it doesn't have to be difficult

You have to have one of those know those talks which you shouldn't have to have because people should just do their job - right? Wrong.........

The first question we need to ask ourselves is have we supplied the person with enough information? Have we clarified their role, leaving no room for ambiguity? Have we explained the task in enough detail and provided the required resources? If unsure, the most respectful way to start the process is with an "Expectations Discussion".

The expectations discussion lays out exactly what is expected of this role and in turn, you need to ask the team member what their expectations are. You may be shocked at the answers you get - it is very common for team members to have a very different belief of what is expected of them. If your workplace does not offer a thorough induction & training process then many staff members are left to 'work it out on their own', and do so by observing habits and behaviours of other team members. You need to address as many external variables as possible before focusing on the team member's behaviour.

Once you have shared and agreed upon both parties' expectations, go ahead and hit the "reset" button. There can be no more ducking and weaving due to "I didn't understand" as you have now both agreed upon a mutual understanding.

If the team member still is not fulfilling their job description your next step is an "Accountability Discussion". If the task has not been completed then accountability must be acknowledged by the team member before any resolution can be achieved, and behaviour modified.  

Ensure these discussions are based on fact, not opinion, and keep your language descriptive - not evaluative. By focusing the discussion on the role, rather than the person, you will be providing a neutral environment where both parties can discuss company needs with relative openness rather than with aggressive language and high levels of defensiveness. 

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