Families in Business

The Family Business....differentiating your family from your business!

Always wanted to own your own business and visualised eternal dreams of personal happiness and success??

However, the realities of managing your business and being present with your family are proving more difficult than those long ago dreams...........

Whose vision is it........

Think back to what motivated you to start your own business - was it previous experience, passion, curiosity, a life goal?

As with all things in life we need to share our vision for others to adopt, accept and assimilate it into their own lives. Have you shared your vision with your family? If not, take the time to sit down and discuss why you do what you do - let your family hear your goals and your passions. These are the things that motivate, inspire and unite us - they create a desire for others to help us achieve our goals.

What works for you may not work for them......

If no-one else shares your vision then you need to respect your family's position as passive observers and ensure you create boundaries and parameters so that work / life balance does not become work / work - through actions, behaviours and dialogue. Follow these simple steps:

1. Ensure you leave work discussions in the work place - if you need to talk work at home then designate one room or area which this is permissable.

2. Ensure your business has employees - not familial subordinates! If the kids are helping then remunerate, compensate, reward.....whichever works in your household.

3. If you and your partner don't seem to be aligned with business goals and / or ability to listen - whiteboard it! Visuals will always over-ride "yeah, yeah, yeah I get it".....

4. Stop waiting for family members to read your mind...... tell them what you need help with at home rather than waiting for them to figure it out. This opens up a space for 'thankyou' and 'I really appreciate your help'. Recognition goes a long way......

5. Don't kick the is easy to treat the ones we love with the worst of our behaviours. Ask yourself......would I treat an employee like this?     If the answer is no then stop it immediately.

6. Communicate, communicate, communicate....don't assume people know we appreciate them - tell them, tell them, and tell them again.

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