You use your strengths every day . . . . do you know yours???

What a great weekend spent helping some awesome people identify what they are innately good at & harnessing those strengths!

Strengths-based coaching is a great tool for everyone - young, old, those searching for answers, those searching for something new . . . we can all benefit from identifying our strengths and understanding what we are innately good at, as individuals. The StrengthsFinder on-line assessment is something every person has access to - but taking it to the next level involves sitting with a coach and digging deeper into each strength to appreciate & strengthen your uniqueness. It is far easier, and quicker, to build upon strengths than attempt to develop deficiencies, gaps, or weaknesses. Plus, isn't awesome to hear what we are good at rather than discuss areas we need to develop??!!

If you would like to learn more about this assessment, strengths-based coaching, and team-building workshops - founded in positive psychology - please contact Judy @ Shiift; 0418 749642 | A big thankyou to the Capricorn Hotel for valuing your team enough to provide Strengths-based coaching

Your people are what differentiate you - nurture, train, empower & invest in them.


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