Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is considered an ‘action’ concept. Why? Because we can all open our mouths and promise the earth – it’s not until our behaviours mirror our language that we earn our customer’s trust.

Exceptional customer service is the driver behind creating loyal customers for life; customers who willingly refer your business to friends, family, colleagues, and beyond through social media. Providing this type of excellent customer service starts with a real motivation to delight and excite your customers, however you need to consider more than just your product or service. You need to objectively self-assess your customers’ entire experience from their first ‘moment of truth’ to their final “see you later”. What do they believe, see, hear, read, taste, and experience? How could it be improved?

To provide a service which sits above your competitor’s you need to consider if your systems are customer-friendly or customer-antagonistic? Do they work for you, or the customer?
Is your staff customer-centric – do they focus on their own day or the customer’s day? Does tweaking any system, service, process, experience or product produce a better outcome without increasing overheads?

Satisfactory service occurs when your customer’s expectations are  just 'met' – your experience is exactly what they expected - it barely registers in the cognitive recesses of the brain, probably not worth mentioning in general day to day conversation. It’s when we exceed our customer’s expectations – when we provide more than they had factored into the experience – that’s when we poke our clients between the eyes and say “Look at us!” Through this experience we build loyalty, trust, and create excitement and delight!

When your customers feel truly valued – when your actions show you care, have heard their requests, met their needs and then thrown in the ‘Wow’ factor – that’s when exceptional service has occurred. Sometimes guests can’t put a finger on why they love the experience you provide over another competitor; however, often they can very much tell you exactly what it is. Make sure you capture the feedback your business needs – constructive, negative and positive.

Whichever way you look at it, exceptional customer service is now a critical factor for success, both as a means of satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations, building loyalty, and as a way to achieve business profitability & sustainability.

Exceptional Customer Service has occurred when your customer spreads the word. Let word of mouth be your bottom-line benchmark! Contact us for your free list of questions to identify if your systems need updating, tweaking, or to be brainstormed with your team.

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