Personalities - what's yours??

Communicating with Introverts & Extroverts in a manner which is relatable to them - not yourself - is essential for connecting with your staff, your customers and your peers.

Believe or not - if we continue to communicate in the same way every day to everyone we meet we really are only connecting with half our audience. That's where the MBTI Traits Indicator & workshop can help us all.

How does MBTI help? Did you know we all take in information differently, we have different decision-making processes, gain our energy differently (internally or externally / introverted or extroverted),  and function either to a strict timeline or just enjoy the journey. When we learn to identify these differences we learn to easily work together with less irritations!  

What I love about the MBTI is it helps us all increase our positive communication - and the outcome is we all get along better. It provides a great foundation for understanding each other - so of course it reduces conflict and irritations. We gain a greater understanding of how diverse personalities take in information in different ways and how dissimilar we are in our use of decision-making processes. 

A big thanks to Cannonvale Autopro for participating in Shiift's MBTI Workshop; a great fun evening with take-home learnings for all. I always enjoy working with those who are discovering trait-based insights and theories for the first time - and the MBTI provides light-bulb moments to take with you into the workplace and the home.

Want to know more? Contact Shiift for more information, head to our website to read testimonials, or register your interest in our upcoming MBTI Workshop on 7th March.

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