Why Walking Meetings Work

Why Walking Meetings Work The world has changed and now is the time to make changes which suit yo u. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that exercise creates energy, makes us more motivated, reduces stress, and helps the grey matter tick over more effectively… so why do we sit all day? It’s time to create your new norm – w...

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Motivating & Healthy Workplace Environments

A healthy, enjoyable work environment creates a healthy, productive business. Make work more enjoyable, more rewarding and less stressful by sticking to ‘The New York Manifesto’. Presume permission – assume the permission to be flexible; people do their best work in different ways and at different times of the day...

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STAYING MOTIVATED DURING QUIETER TIMES REGARDLESS OF THE BUSINESS OR INDUSTRY YOU WORK IN, THERE’LL COME A TIME WHEN BUSINESS SEEMS TO GRIND TO A HALT! One minute you’re juggling multiple projects, deadlines and workloads, the next you’re passing the time by browsing random Wikipedia articles and wondering how it’s still n...

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