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How do you harness the strengths of so many different personalities and create an awesome team - aligned and motivated to achieve your goals? 

Building teams of agile, motivated, proactive people is our strength – we’d like to make it yours too!

Our workshops are designed to reignite the excitement of why your team choose to come to work in your business every day. Aligning individual goals with company goals and creating the culture and environment to support this desire ensures a workplace which achieves, is engaged, committed and happily productive.

The MBTI is the recognized global leader in personality assessments. It is the most widely used personality inventory in the world, with more than 4 million assessments administered each year. 

Personality tests help us identify our strengths and the way we take in and process information. We learn valuable differences in traits which drive individual differences in how we learn, problem-solve, and function in our environments. These trait differences make us who we are, but often are the source of misunderstandings and miscommunications. By identifying your personality type it provides a greater understanding of yourself, your motivations, behaviours, natural strengths and potential areas for growth. Of greater value, it enables you to understand and appreciate the comparative differences in those around you and appreciate the strengths these different personality types bring to a team environment.

The MBTI is a tool for life, providing the building blocks from which to increase your understanding and self-awareness across all domains of life.

For individuals and teams engaged in the process, outcomes are: 
1.) obvious;
2.) immediate; and
3.) measurable. 

It is used for the following applications:
  • Self-awareness (EQ) & self-development – increased communication effectiveness
  • Management / Leadership Coaching – adapting leadership style to suit
  • Organisational Development & Upskilling – improved teamwork
  • Problem solving / Conflict Management – manage and minimize conflict
  • Customer Service – increased EQ, increased customer satisfaction
  • Sales techniques – increased sales & productivity
  • Relationship-building – increased interpersonal skills
  • Reducing workplace irritations and creating a culture of greater appreciation

  • On-line assessment which produces a 13 page individual report. 
  • Workshop as a team to understand personality types and the strengths each brings to your workplace.

Our Strengths-based Workshops create the foundation to help build strong people, strong teams and strong culture.

When it comes to developing people, there is far more to be gained by building on existing strengths than trying to develop weaknesses. Personal Strengths are the characteristics of a person that support optimal performance - to perform well, or at their personal best in a way which energises the individual. By enhancing & developing our strengths individuals and organizations can achieve significant, long-term positive results.

The StrengthsFinder online assessment measures the things we are naturally good at doing.

Join our facilitator in a Strengths-based Workshop to identify individual and team strengths.
Discover the strengths of your team and learn how to apply these strengths to accelerate both your team and your business to achieve greater potentials.

  • On-line assessment which produces 3 separate reports packed full of information regarding the participant’s individual strengths. 
  • 1:1 coaching to assist in determining and harnessing each individual’s unique strengths. 
  • Workshop as a team to identify collective strengths and how to collaborate and harness these strengths to accelerate the business.

This workshop steps the team through collectively determining and agreeing upon the company’s ‘why’ statements, your ‘purpose’ which motivates and drives people’s actions. 

This workshop reviews or creates the ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission Statement’ with a view to aligning the team’s values and goals to the company goals. Break-out groups identify the top 5 values your team aligns with as they create 5 strong value statements which will help motivate and drive the desired organisational behaviours and actions. Departments, teams & sub-teams will develop their own “Team Charter” - a values-based statement which drives their own department’s purpose every day. 

  • This is a very motivating workshop which will remind your people of why they love working for your business, how their actions drive and influence others behaviours, and ultimately influences the customer’s experience.
  • Teams finish the workshop cohesive, aligned and motivated!

We can custom-fit a workshop to achieve the outcome you are seeking by combining a mixture of motivational, customer service, strengths-based, MBTI and more . . .  discuss your requirements with us today!

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Working with you, to create workplaces that thrive!


Body language, building customer loyalty, customer-centric strategies, identifying your point of difference & how to set in place customer ‘delighters’ – your team will create a strong blueprint for exceeding customer service levels. 

This is a great motivating workshop as your team identifies what they currently do very well and brainstorm unique ‘delighters’ – to take your customer experience to the next level - with minimal effort, cost or output. Your team will leave this workshop feeling excited about the journey ahead! Greater still, they will leave aligned to the organisational goal by a common pathway.

  • Workshop the strategies above, create awareness of positive non-verbal communication techniques, create a blueprint of suggestions and ideas to accelerate your business’s service levels.
  • Forward your company’s ‘pain-points’ to be included in the problem-solving section of this Workshop.